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sábado, 28 de maio de 2011

Led by Messi, Barca's art soccer beats Manchester and is the champion!

Football art was awarded on Saturday at the mythical Wembley, London. Led by world's best Lionel Messi, who scored the second goal and made ​​the move that led to the third, veceu Barcelona Manchester United by 3-1 and won the fourth championship of the Champions League. No less brilliant than the Argentine, Peter and David Villa scored the other goals of the Catalan victory, that also had good performances from Xavi, Iniesta and Alves in the British capital. Rooney made ​​the goal of the Red Devils.

Pep Guardiola has reached its tenth career title, the third in the Champions League - two as a coach and as a player (in season 1991/1992). The curious thing is that the cup in the 90 was raised on the same Wembley, which received the show's Lionel Messi, David Villa, Iniesta & cia Saturday. Puyol, who started the match on the bench, even entered the order and received the captain's armband from the hands of Xavi. However, in a show of unity, he gave the honor of lifting the cup for the Champions League Abidal, the side that won the fight against a tumor in the liver.

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