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sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

Libertadores: Peñarol won Vélez.

Peñarol won and received the Velez Sarsfield 1-0 in the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores. Darío Rodríguez made ​​the winning goal and put the Uruguayan club the lead in the tie.

Peñarol not played a semifinal of the Libertadores for 24 years, but it is the third biggest winner of the contest, with five titles. The Uruguayan team eventually enforce tradition and beat Velez Sarsfield, who by then had won all the matches of the knockout stages.

Darío Rodríguez made ​​at the last minute of the first time, the goal that puts the advantage in the tie Peñarol to be decided next week in Buenos Aires.

For Equant, Santos and Peñarol starts in advantage for the decision of the Copa Libertadores.

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