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quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

Official Store has everything about Barça x United. But it is well prepared to cover.

loja oficial da Liga dos Campeões em Londres (Foto:  Rodrigo Sirico /   
                                                                                                                                                               For those who like football, the Uefa official store in Hyde Park in London, is making drool. In one place, a series of items relating to the Champions League finalists, Manchester and Barcelona and on the decision of the Sabbath itself is available to the buyer. The only problem, however, are the prices. Taking into account that one pound equals $ 2.65, you must be a pocket full to enjoy the site.
Imagining a basic kit, with official shirt of Manchester or Barca, a scarf, a cap, a polo-specific final at Wembley and the official ball of the decision, which will be used exactly like the Sabbath, the amount being spent is 190 pounds , The equivalent of $ 500
.loja oficial da Liga dos Campeões em Londres (Foto:  Rodrigo Sirico /           Check the list of prices (one pound equals $ 2.65):

Official ball of the final - 80 pounds
Coat the event - 80 pounds
Official shirt of the club - £ 50
Official club shirt, child size - 40 pounds
Polo's final - 30 lbs
T-shirt final - 20 pounds
Scarves, hats and caps - 15 pounds each
Replica ball of the final (very different from the official) - 20 pounds
Metal pen - 60 pounds
Cufflinks - models 35, 45 and 50 pounds
Watch - 160 lbs
Minibola reply, stickers and banners - 10 pounds

The items for sale, however, does not stop there. There is everything from cufflinks to door credit card, passing by watches costing 160 pounds. Among the cheaper items are flags, which cost the paltry sum of 10 pounds (U.S. $ 26.50). It also costs 10 pounds a minibola reply.loja oficial da Liga dos Campeões em Londres (Foto:  Rodrigo Sirico /

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